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June 22 2014


Comparison of the top 5 Camping Clubs


Campground Membership - Hey Everyone, Ive created this post to help all the people out there confused about Campground Memberships. If your like me you've probably been browsing the entire internet trying to find the perfect Campground Membership that you can actually afford. The prices of memberships can get downright ridiculous. Fortunately, I've managed to find the perfect Campground Membership thats both very cheap to join and a great value for your money. I'm not gonna try to sell you this membership, I am a member and fulltime RVer myself, so Im going to tell you first hand what you can expect. Before you read this long post heres the bottom line below is an exact cost comparison for 2011 Camping.

Cheap Camping - P.S before I even start this membership only cost you $500 a year, No enrollment Fee, $500 cut into 2 payments of $250 each, you dont pay the other $250 for 90 days, so very cheap and affordable. Membership Allows you to camp in whatever camprounds you to choose to in the program for up to 365 days a year, and you can jump from campround to campround. Best membership Ive ever had, hope this helps. I really get into the full details below, so enjoy.

Campround Membership Cost: 365 days a year: $1,495 a year
Normal Campground Cost: $7,200 to $12,775 a year.
Dry Camping Cost: $6,528 a year.

You can email me at rvonthegogo@gmail.com for the exact campground membership you need to purchase to save the same amount of money I do every year living in my living like Im rich in my RV. I will not ask you for anything in return but to let the campground know exactly who refered you. Hope this Helps.

For years I was never able to afford to camp full time because of the crazy prices of the memberships out there. Than one day I was reading someones blog and they mentioned a really good membership for a really cheap price. At first, I though what they were describing sounded to good to be true, but than after really looking into it, I decided to buy my own. Well, Thats the best decision Ive ever made. First off, Im gonna let you know the exact details of my membership and let you decide for yourself if it sounds like a good deal.

My membership cost $500 a year, with no enrollment fee to join. They actually let you pay $250 up front and dont bill you for the other $250 for 3 months. So its really cheap to join compared to any other membership Ive ever seen. Heres how it goes. There memberships basically cut the U.S into 4 sections. The Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and South East. When you join, your able to stay in one of the four sections for the $500 a year. Each section of the U.S has about 20 campgrounds you can choose from. For example in the section I camp in Im able to stay in Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas or Virgina. Theres a total of 24 camprounds spread out in these 8 states. So to me thats not a bad deal. Heres the catch. You can stay at each campground for a total of 14 days, than you have to leave for 7 days. After leaving for 7 days, you can come back and stay for another 14 days. You can basically stay in the campgrounds for a total of 240 days a year or 2/3rds of the year. But if you stay 4 days or less at any campground, you can go straight to the next campround without staying any days out. So basically if you switched campgrounds every 4 days, you can actually camp for 365 days a year. Heres the second catch, After you've stayed 30 days total for the year. You pay a usage fee of $3 a day. So this would bring your total fee to camp 2/3 of the year to $1,160. The total cost to camp 365 days a year would be $1,490.  Now I dont know if youve looked at the cost of staying at camprounds lately but there really expensive. Usually around $35 atleast a day. So lets add up how much it would cost you to stay at a normal campround for 365 days a year with no membership. $35 x 365 days = $12,775 a year. Wow, did you just read that. $12,775 a year would be the normal price to camp for a full year. Even if you only stayed 2/3 of the time, it would still cost you $8,515 a year. I know your probably saying right now, yah but thats if you paid the day rate. Ok, so your saying well it would be alot cheaper if you payed by the week. Remember your not trying to stay in one spot so most likely if your going from campground to campground your gonna pay by the week. So the average price of a weekly stay is atleast $150 and this is actually a pretty cheap price. So lets ad it up again. $150 x 4 weeks = $600 a month x 12 months = $7,200 a year. Ouch, thats alot of money, don't you think.

Are you starting to see the savings here. Now your probably saying well what If I just dry camp and don't camp at a campground at all. This has got to be the cheapest way to go right. Not even close. Running a generator cost alot more than most people realize. You also have to heat your rv which should be done by propane if your trying to go the cheapest route. Its not very smart to run an electric heater off the generator it would cost double or triple what propane does. Ok so lets do the math. A generator cost about $15 a day to run at the very least, and this does not include running your air conditioner or fridge. Im talking the bare minimum, lights, Tv, and maybe a small appliance. Than you've got to ad in the price of heat. Remember even during the summer it gets pretty cold at night. So lets say your heat cost you about $3.00 a night, and believe me it can cost upwards of $15 a day in the winter months, so Im saying at the very least it would cost $3.00 a night. So your looking at about $18 a day to run the generator and heat. This does not include taking showers and keeping yourself clean. Which isn't very easy when your dry camping. And remember your also gonna have to dump your sewage out somewhere. This isn't free either. You can't just dump your sewage anywhere it cost money to do this. About $10 a week. So Lets add it all up, the cost of dry camping.
$18 a day x 7 days = $126 a week + $10 sewage dump fee = $136 a week x 4 weeks = $544 a month x 12 = $6,528 a year. Wow, bet you didn't expect that one. It cost you this much to live without water. You have to fill the generator with gas every few hours and you have absolutely no amentities like the ones you'll come to love at the campround.

Campround Membership Cost: 365 days a year: $1,495 a year
Normal Campground Cost: $7,200 to $12,775 a year.
Dry Camping Cost: $6,528 a year.

Wow, You can't even get close to the cost of a great campround membership even if you live without water in the middle of nowhere. The camprounds I stay at have everything you could ever want to do.
Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Mini Golf, Fishing Lakes, Baseball fields, Workout Rooms, Golfing Range, Pool Tables, Ping Pong Tables, Horseshoe Pits, Campfire pits, BBQ grills, Kids Playgrounds, Family Center with resturaunt and store, Hiking Trails. You name it they've got it. So ask yourself. Am I gonna pay up to
9x's what I should be to camp this year, or should I find out exactly what campround membership this guy is talking about and really start saving money. I use to think I was smart, I would dry camp and say wow I only pay like $20 a day to live, Boy was I wrong. After about 2 years of camping like this, I finally found the answer and haven't looked back. I wrote this to help everyone else who camps 1 month or more out of the year. So if you use your RV more than 1 month out of the year and especially if your a full time RVer like me, than you really need to do yourself a favor and get the right membership. If you'd like to know the exact membership that Im speaking of. You can email me at rvonthegogo@gmail.com I will be happy to tell you the exact membership Im speaking of and I wont ask you for anything in return except to let them know exactly who refered you. Because hey, I get $100 of my $500 a year fee for each member I refer, so why not save myself even more money at the same time I help others. Its truly a win-win and I hope I helped you see that. Thanks for reading my post, I hope this helped.

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